Featured Fiction: Life on Nubis

Life on Nubis

Life on Nubis

by Robert Harken

Debut of the Month
—Library Journal
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By 2040, efficient machines displace humans in nearly all tasks. Unable to contribute and too poor to consume, these surplus people succumb to propaganda from Earth’s Emigration Effort and become cargo on interstellar starships launched toward distant solar systems. Aiden Haven, one of the displaced, departs Earth on the eve of parity between human and artificial intelligence. Believing he embarks on an adventure to resuscitate his life, Aiden underestimates the risks of colonizing an inhospitable planet. When his daughter, Sarah, resurrects the future that colonists abandoned on Earth—a future now stalking them—father and daughter must face forces of nature and Earth’s legacy or witness the destruction of their colony’s last refuge.

Rules change; adapt or perish.

Praise for Life on Nubis

“Recalling a time when sf placed an emphasis on science and theoretical speculation, Harken’s thoughtful debut should appeal to fans of Ben Bova’s planetary series (Mars; Venus; Jupiter), Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy (Red Mars; Green Mars; Blue Mars), and James Blish’s classic Cities in Flight.”—Library Journal (Starred Review and Science Fiction & Fantasy Debut of the Month, January 2013)

“Impressive and original . . . A first class read from beginning to end, Life on Nubis is very highly recommended.”—Midwest Book Review (Reviewed by Jack Mason for MBR Bookwatch, May, 2013)

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